About Us

Von Picone Kennels is owned and operated by Joe & Kathy Picone. We run a small training and breeding kennel in Tryon, NC.

Von Picone Kennels - German Shepherd Breeder

We specialize and are dedicated to the West German Shepherd blood line.

My wife, Kathy and I started this kennel after we lost the greatest german shepherd ever, Kiki, AKA Creck von Arline. I have had shepherds all my life, mostly the American version of silver and black. In 2005 I was given Kiki, he was lost in a domestic dispute and the owner was looking for a good home. My luck landed him in our house. Kiki was my guardian angel. I was battling cancer at the time and his love and devotion pulled me through. He became the best friend I ever had and when I lost him in 2010 to cancer it was devastating.

Kiki German Shepherd

After a few months of depression I sought out the breeder in Germany who had produced this great friend. Thanks to the power of the internet, I located Mr. Emile Bausch of von Arline kennels. It seems we had a lot in common with our love of German shepherds. I wanted another shepherd but, not just anyone, it had to come from Kiki’s blood line. My hope was I could get a piece of him back. Mr. Bausch is not a large breeder and only does a few litters a year. He didn’t know when he would have a dog I could buy. I didn’t care how long it took, I wanted a von Arline. A few months went by and he called with a possible match for us. He sent us Xambo von Arline, the great nephew of Kiki. When he came off the plane it was an instant fix to a broken heart. After having Xambo for a few months my love of West German show line shepherds grew out of control. I was speaking regularly to Emile and expressing my gratitude for saving my soul with Xambo. It was about that time that my wife and I thought about starting our own kennel. Not know a lot about breeding I contacted Emile and told him of our plan. Since he has been in the breeding business for over 40 years, we knew he could help us develop a world class kennel. So I went to Germany to learn about the fantastic breed and to get some great dogs to start our kennel. Von Picone Kennels was born our of our complete love and obsession with German shepherds.

Our Kennel

We are very fortunate to have some of the best blood lines in all of Germany at our kennel.

  • We follow the strict breeding guidelines of the German SV.
  • To date all of our breeding has taken place in Germany to top dogs.
  • We breed for intelligence as much as look.
  • We feel the German show line shepherd is the ideal family dog.
  • They are bred to be part of the family, go everywhere, be seen and not heard.
  • They know the difference between friend and foe without being told. Our dogs are the very essence of that statement.

Our real jobs are as a Chiropractor and Chiropractor Assistant and all of our dogs work along side us in the office as therapy dogs.

On the weekends we are actively involved in our Schutzhund club, where our dogs love to work.