German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Are you ready for your next family member?

When you buy a dog from us you get our total support. We feed only the best possible food for shepherds and start all our new owners with a one week supply. As a Doctor who specializes in nutrition I firmly believe it’s one of the most important things for their development. All of our adult dogs eat the best possible diet. Its one reason our pups are so exceptional.

We feel that our pups are our children and we want only the best for them. We go to great lengths and expense to produce exceptional German Shepherds and want them to reach their full potential and have their owners get what they asked for. We are constantly looking to improve temperament, intelligence as well as beautiful shepherds.

Visit our breeding page for upcoming litters and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

SOLD / Faith von Picone, daughter of VA1 Schumann von Tronje. Faith just turned 3 (11/23/18) She is a gorgeous red and black. She is highly trained in obedinece and family protection. She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body and is very sweet and loving but if someone tries to harm her family she can take care of business. She is the absolute perfect GSD, she works in the office as a therapy dog and the patients love her. Loves to ride in the car, not pet aggressive. I have had so much fun training her but it’s time for her to find a forever home and family. Video’s available on her protection and obedience.

SOLD / Franco von Picone is one of the best males I ever breed. He is drop dead gorgeous, picutures don’t show his great color, a large maculine male with a great head and deep red color. He was professionally trained in Germany in protection, obedience, and tracking. He has an awesome personality, loves people,kids, great with pets and loves car rides. He works in my office as a therapy dog. His nick name is the “Big Chill” but don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, he will take care of any threat to his family. It breaks my heart to part with him but I have to many dogs to give him the attention he deserves. This a superior GSD that would be a loving family member. Franco is an approved stud from Germany with an excellent rating. He has his IPO 1 and KKL. He is the son of VA1 Schumann von Tronje the 2014 world champion. His pedigree is impecable. Call for price and more information.

SOLD / Giada von Picone is from the Willas and Cabella litter,  Giada is a medium size female with an outstanding full coat, full of energy and ready to go to a loving family.

SOLD / Fire von Picone, she is from the Schumann von Tronje and Yala von Arline litter. 11/18/2015.  She is a beautiful female with a loving temperament,  Would make a great family companion or great addition to any breeding program, $4000

SOLD / Glock von Picone.

SOLD / Gino von Picone.
Out of the Cabella von Picone and Willas von Grafenbrun litter on the site


Don’t see your puppy? We take deposits for upcoming litters, please feel free to contact us with any questions.