So you think you want a German shepherd? 

So you think you want a German shepherd?  Are you ready to rock the coolest, most loyal dog-ever?  If so, this is what all German shepherd owners would tell you if you bring one home.

They don’t call ‘em ‘German Shedders’ for nothing
German shepherds shed a lot.  Don’t get a German shepherd unless you don’t mind dog fur bunnies floating around the house, on your furniture, in the fridge, and stuck to your clothes (unless you plan to keep the dog outside).

Yes, Velcro dogs are a breed

If you plan to keep your German shepherd outside, think again.  German shepherds are loving, family dogs and don’t do well forgotten in a yard.  They require human companionship or they become destructive and can have other behavior problems.

There is a fine selection ready for adoption, today

If you have trouble believing that German shepherds don’t do well alone, according to the German Shepherd Rescue of Colorado, German shepherds are the most abandoned breed of dog dumped in rescues and shelters.  If German shepherds are

So great why are they dumped?  Read on.

Owning a German shepherd is like having a toddler in the house for 12-14 yearsGerman shepherds are amazingly smart and need companionship, consistent training, and ongoing socialization to stimulate them mentally.  If you’re looking for a true companion animal, German shepherds make great dogs.  If you don’t have time to spend with your dog every day, you probably need to move on.

Say goodbye to your couch potato life

German shepherds are high energy and require lots of exercise but you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to provide it.  As long as you can go for walks, throw the ball a thousand times, and have a safe place for the dog to run, you should be good to go.

A great idea if you’re looking for a hobby to do EVERY DAY of the year

German shepherds are high drive, need a job, and are great athletes.  If you’ve wanted a dog to participate in dog sports, dog activities, or to formally train, you may have found a match made in heaven.

There is a reason they are called German shepHERDS

German shepherds are herding dogs and need a job.  Because they are herding dogs, if you live in the country or are around livestock, unless you can contain and train the dog, they will appoint themselves as resident herder and serious problems may result, including chasing and harming livestock.

They are what you make them

German shepherds are somewhat aloof and naturally protective of their family and territory so they require lots of socialization to keep them good citizens.  Exposing them to people, other dogs, lots of situations, and environments will create a well balanced confident dog.  German shepherds that are not socialized can become aggressive or fearful dogs that may bite.

They live to love their people

Because German shepherds are naturally protective and very smart, well socialized dogs make excellent watch dogs that will alert and protect your family with their life. Be prepared for a dog that will try to outthink you, German shepherds are brilliant and train easily but also tend to be dominate and will take over if given the chance.  They need strong leadership, guidance, and training by someone who understands and respects them and does not rule with an iron fist.

It may seem like they can read your mind

German shepherds love their people and want to be with them as much as possible. They are sensitive, perceptive, and easily pick up on non verbal cues.

Like pawprints, each German shepherd is unique

When picking a German shepherd don’t run out and get the first dog you see just because it melts your heart.  Each German shepherd is very unique and in this case, selecting the right dog can make the difference between the perfect dog for you and finding yourself in way over your head.  West German show lines and working lines, East German show and working lines, Czech, Dutch, American, American show lines, and more all have varying levels of prey drive, temperaments, energy levels, personalities, exercise and training requirements and more.  Do yourself a favor and talk to German shepherd owners, clubs, and breeders before getting a German shepherd.

German Shepherds are the best dogs-EVER

Ask any German shepherd owner and they will tell you they are the best dogs, ever. Their awesome personalities, loyalty to their people, devotion, intelligence, trainability for nearly anything, and protective nature make them wonderful companions and family members.  By choosing the right fit for your family, they will give you unparalleled love and dedication for years to come.